about me

      hello, my name is Clover Irvine! i'm a musician, artist, writer, web design and coding enthusiast. i made this site myself! i am 20 years old. i have a wonderful girlfriend who i love with all my heart, and yes we're both lesbians. it's pretty great! we're also both aries sun, but i'm cancer moon and she's taurus moon, so it balances out pretty well.
      i love to listen to all kinds of music! i have a reviews page for underground artists that i love and think deserve much more attention. my favorite artist of all time is Amy Lee, and she is my biggest inspiration in music. lately i've been listening to lots of J-Cut, Mindless Self Indulgence, and Say Anything.
      i'm working on a music project with some friends of mine, i'll be sure to put a link to it once we get something done! i'm super excited to have this opportunity, making music with others has always been my number one dream. until then, i'm making electronic music on my own under the name Ammewnition. currently i've released a small collection of experimental ambient songs that i made for a friend. you can listen to it on bandcamp!